Sam Oshana, Florida Real Estate Investor

Throughout his career, Samuel Oshana has worked several of the largest and most prominent brokerages in the country, including such prestigious firms as JP Morgan and Heartland Securities. As an investment adviser, he held series 7, 63 and 55 licenses, allowing him to sell all types of securities and to engage in equity trading. Even then, he learned about the value of investment and how to maximize investment returns. He continues that tradition these days, loaning capital to individuals and small companies, while using their real estate as collateral. That real estate has helped him expand the scope of his business.

For example, Samuel Oshana recently received a Florida real estate brokerage license, which has given him the ability to widen his reach with investments in Florida commercial and residential real estate, primarily in Dade and Broward Counties. He has done very well by purchasing abandoned properties for a low price in “up-and-coming” neighborhoods, then fixing them up and selling them for a healthy profit.

Over the course of his career as a businessman and investment professional, Samuel Oshana has experienced some level of success in a number of business areas, especially in both New York and Florida. Oshana credits that success to many failures throughout his career. From failed businesses in the beverage industry to a start up logistic company, Oshana has learned to mitigate risk based on those losses.

That said, most of his activity is in Florida these days. He has been able to demonstrate a tendency to be able to start up a new company and develop that company into a successful venture and eventually sell it for a good return. Take his role in startup of merchant payment processor Apex Data Systems as one great example. He co-founded that company while working with First Data Corporation and he was able to create a high level of growth and to eventually sell it for a really good return.