Samuel Oshana Makes Wealth Happen

Although he was born in Boston, most of Samuel Oshana’s success has come in New York and Florida, mostly Florida. While living in New York, over a long period of time, Sam built up an impressive track record as an investment advisor. Back then, he worked at some of the most important brokerages in the country, including JP Morgan and Heartland Securities. For years, Sam Oshana has held series 7, 55 and 63 brokers’ licenses and his time as a broker has taught him the importance of making the best possible investment.

These days, Samuel Oshana considers Miami, Florida home. To become an even better investor, Sam obtained a Florida real estate brokerage license. That has given him the ability to invest more in Florida residential and commercial real estate. His favorite investment these days is to find distressed properties and transform them into homes people want to buy. He then sells the properties for top dollar, which is an excellent return on an investment. As an investment advisor and broker, Sam Oshana can help anyone increase their wealth.